My Art Blog

14. Nov 2016

Well yes... I can feel the force is getting stronger with this one! When I started with my childhood and all my adult lifes favorite movies - sorry, I can't stopp! You might just see more here. This art piece on canvas is in progress, so stay tuned for results.

11. Nov 2016

After I have grown up with this virus, this infection, which by the way my hole family inherited from me over all these years, I'm in the mood to do some art work, just in time before the new movie starts this December! This time I will sit in the movie theater on opening night in Manhatten, New York! So exited. 

So this is a mixed media, I offer individual art editions on canvas and behind acrylic class - size 600 x 600 mm, every piece will be unique and signed by me. I guess I can feel the force growing stronger every day now!

22. Jun 2015

Proudly presenting first artist proof editions of Club 27. I have produced several different editions, all limited, numbered and signed. Get your edition right now, don't know how long they will last. Check out my shop or contact me directly.

25. Apr 2015

It was quit a lot of work, but I'm proud to have accomplished my newest painting.

Presenting: Mrs Amy Winehouse

I set my focus on her unique look in her face, which makes her unvorgivable.

20. Feb 2015

I'm working almost a month now on canvas, for hours I'm painting, staring, painting, thinking, painting, studying, painting and painting. Happy with my progress. There was lots of hair to paint on this person :-)

Now I'm in the middle of the center piece - the face. Big challenge!


22. Jan 2015

Canvas is mounted again! Did the first pencil outlines - my new painting started with quit a lot of time of thinking, creating, placing, changing again, other cut... Now it's on canvas and I started to paint again. I will keep you updated here - please come back to find out to whom I dedicate my next artpiece....

18. Dec. 2014

Finally! The first of my paintings to 27Club is finished! I hope you like it.

But, don't worry, next one already started. I'm researching everything about my new "model" and will start to paint soon. I'll keep you updated.

Here my first one, presenting: Jimi Hendrix

21. Oct.

The members of the world famous Forever 27 Club achieved so much in their short lives.  The 27 club is a group of artists who died tragically at the young age of 27. They were some of the most talented minds of their generation, and in their short lives each made an enormous impact. Sadly, many led hard-partying lifestyles, abusing drugs and alcohol. These are the musicians and artists who make up the 27 club.

The Big Six are Brian Jones of the Rolling Stones,  Jimi Hendrix,  Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison of the Doors, Kurt Cobain and, now, Amy Winehouse. All were talented. All were dissipated. All were 27.

The "club" has been repeatedly cited in music magazines, journals and the daily press. Several exhibitions have been devoted to the idea; as well as novels, films and stage plays.

As an artist and musician it is a honor to paint these legends on canvas. Getting a impressive way to introduce the faces behind there great music and art.

I look forward to the great challenge and a hopefully impressive, though not final collection of art.

Martin Sullivan

10. Oct.

Getting started! It took me some more days to be ready to bring my idea on canvas. But this is done, the first scribble is done and I'm ready to get wild now!

03 Oct.

After having several ideas and pictures in my mind, I finally start my new project, Club27 as of today!

I will keep updating here over my progress, sneak peaks of new paintings - from starting to lay down the canvas, the first brush till hopefully a new art peace!