Born 1963 - Lucerne - Heart of Switzerland

"Imagination is more important than knowledge"               Albert Einstein

Growing up in a family with 5 siblings I was forced to be creative in early age.  Finished the School of Arts in Bern. In my young artist years I won several honorable prices for my special technique of photorealistic airbrush. 

Becoming a member of Artist Guild Charleston during my years living with my family in beautiful South Carolina. Started to work on new techniques combining brushes and airbrush to a all new combination. Rich colors and lots of painting became my new style for what I have won prices with Charleston's sceneries over the years. 

Over all these years I always cared for nature and clean energy. I decided to start a big project, the "Vision Blue Planet". I have learned a lot and was invited to hold speeches about our mission. Because art can show much more than empty words!

I'm glad to have the opportunity to be creative on two different, both beautiful continents: in the beautiful lowcountry of Charleston area and surrounded by majestic mountains and clear lakes in the heart of Switzerland.


1980   School of Arts Bern


2011   Solo Show Gallery Junge Kunst, Sachseln, Switzerland

2010   Solo Show Gallery Hergiswil, Switzerland with Vision Blue Planet

2009   Solo Show Art Stansstad, with "my other side of art"

2007   Tour around the world with RBAR 

2007   Solo Show at Hotel Schweizerhof, Lucerne for baptism of "THE Schweizerhof"

2007   Now07, art show with a few selected Swiss artist

2006   Exhibition opening of "Miles stones of Swiss Air Force - 100 years" at Swiss Museum of Transportation, Lucerne - permanent exhibition

1998 - 2004 various shows and exhibitions in galleries at Charleston, SC

1995   Show at MUBA Basel, sponsored by European Space Agency

1980 - 1995 various exhibitions and shows with airbrush art